Vitagon HCG 5000 IU / 3 vials Alpha Pharma

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Vitagon HCG 5000 IU / 3 vials Alpha Pharma

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is what is known as a protein hormone (or a peptide hormone) that is naturally and endogenously produced by the female human body by the syncytiotrophoblast cells in the placenta. In females, HCG plays a very important role in stimulating the release of Progesterone, which is a hormone vitally essential for pregnancy. HCG that is bottled for human use is not synthesized in creation but is instead obtained from humans. Specifically, it is found in very high concentrations in pregnant females as previously stated. HCG is in fact what is used as the number one primary indication of pregnancy in females, as it is only present in very, very high quantities in females during pregnancy. HCG is what the home pregnancy tests detect in urine, and if present in significant quantities, the home pregnancy tests will turn blue. In women who are pregnant, HCG increases in the body rise very rapidly and can be detected within 7 days of increased secretion in the body. At this time period, however, HCG levels are only beginning to rise, and blood plasma levels of HCG do not actually peak until approximately 2 – 3 months into pregnancy. Following this 2 – 3 month period, HCG levels then begin to decline.


  • Form: Anti Estrogen HCG Gonadotropin
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