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Testosterone Cypionat 250 offers so many benefits. This includes;

  • Increases in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood resulting in high endurance and performance.
  • Strengthens joints due to water retention in the body.
  • Increases sexual drive
  • Promotes a significant muscle increase

For optimal safety and efficacy for the body, the following recommendations are important

  • A weekly dose of 250-500mg is sufficient. Increasing the dose of Cypionat is not justified and comes with unpleasant results
  • Cypionat 250 requires the mandatory use of anti-estrogens
  • When using testosterone for 4 weeks or longer, it should be supplemented with Gonadotropin.
  • It should be used by a cycle of 8-10 weeks. 
  • This steroid increases nitrogen retention in the muscles and improves protein synthesis. It also increases red blood cell count and blocks the effect of hormones like cortisol that promote muscle wasting. This steroid provides all the benefits expected from anabolic steroids and as it has a long active life of about 15 days, its effects last for a long time. It also increases the production of IGF-1. By using Testosterone Cypionate, athletes and bodybuilders can increase strength, muscle mass and better use of protein.

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