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About Lifetech Labs

Lifetech Labs was established in March 2010 in Hong Kong (Science & Technology Park).

Lifetech Labs is an internationally well-recognized custom peptide and hGH reagent and performance-enhancing drug manufacturing company. Lifetech Labs is able to provide high quality, value-added and high-tech peptide and Growth Hormone-related products through many years of research and experimentation. Lifetech Labs benefits from the most advanced peptide and hGH synthesis, purification, and freeze-drying equipment to always deliver high quality and unique products.

Our Peptide and HGH Custom Synthesis includes Peptide APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Cosmetic Peptides, and Custom Peptides. Based on methodological research on the length of peptide, the sequence of amino acid and purity, we are able to provide different types of top quality peptides. We synthesize every peptide under strict quality control systems.

We care for the quality of the products we offer to our clients. For ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our products, we have a dedicated research and development center where our professionals are always seeking ways to make our products more effective. We are enthusiastic and passionate about providing quality products and services that improve performance and deliver outstanding results to our customers.

Reliability, credibility, and excellence are the principles of Lifetech Labs.