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Meditech P’s Anadrol-50 is one of the strongest forms of anabolic and androgenic steroid, in oral form, ever seen. We often see bodybuilders, athletes, power lifts and weightlifter gaining 10 to 12 kilograms of body weight in the first couple of weeks of their cycle. However, this is not just muscle weight, but also water retention and fat storage. Why does this happen? Oxymetholone is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Normally DHT does not convert into estrogen but unlike other steroids, Oxymetholone does convert into estrogen. Take note that Steroids that convert into estrogen-like Oxymetholone tend to come with a lot of side effects.


It has been seen on some websites and online forums people using a high dosage of Oxymetholone, which can be injurious to health. So how much should a person take when you are in your off-season, bulking season or in your diet?

  • Heavy bodybuilders: no more than 50-100mg.
  • Amateur bodybuilders: 150-200mg/day.
  • Beginners: 50-100mg/day.

Most professional bodybuilders generally use 300mg or more, BUT it is vital to understand these guys are genetical freaks; their bodies are able to handle the high dosages. They can live with it, they earn money with the sport, so it’s a risk they can and are willing to take.

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